About products

An assembly manual is provided with every order.

The assembly instructions for a specific product can always be found on the product page next to the product description tab.

General wall mounting instructions for our products can be found HERE.

If you are interested in a size that is in between the ones we offer, please email us with your request at dublez@dublez.com . If you would like an even larger size than what is listed, also contact us via email. Our graphic department will assess whether it is possible to produce a different size.

All our products are manufactured in our DUBLEZ workshop in Slovakia (Europe). 95% of the materials we use for our products are produced in the EU, with nearly all coming from the Czech Republic/Slovakia. Products from our main material supplier meet the strictest standards enforced by the California Air Resources Board which applies stringent quality control conditions for air quality and pollutants. Additionally, the supplier's products are certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), and the wood used for these products comes from verified and well-managed forests, ensuring a renewable and sustainable source.

It is possible to detect a certain smell or odor from our products upon unpacking. Some may find this smell pleasant, while others may not. It is an aroma that results from the manufacturing process. The smell will naturally dissipate within 10 days of unpacking.

The foam tape you applied to the wall is very strong. The product will definitely not fall off the plaster. If you decide to remove the sign after some time, we recommend proceeding very carefully. Ideally, it would be best to first cut the foam from the wall with a long sharp knife from behind the product, and then carefully peel off the remainder that stays on the wall. Since there are various types of plasters, it is necessary to also adapt to the structure and composition of yours.

Since we manufacture products from wooden materials, the answer is debatable. If the product is not directly exposed to rain or splashing water, it should not be a problem. However, it is necessary to consider the varying humidity of the outdoor air and temperature. As wood is a living material, these fluctuations can cause, for example, slight bending of the material. Therefore, in such cases, we recommend mounting the product on the wall with small-headed nails. Thanks to the nail heads, the product will be securely pressed against the wall, ensuring its stability. The number of nails depends on the product.

Additional services

Almost all of our products feature a small, subtle logo of our company. The logo is tiny and not very noticeable. If you would like to remove the logo nonetheless, so that it is not engraved on the product, it is possible. You will need to inform us in advance so that we can add this service to your order.

You can add this service through the following link HERE.


Yes, we safely package our products to ensure they arrive in good condition. Most products are placed in a protective template, and all products are further wrapped in bubble wrap. They are delivered in sturdy cardboard made from 5-layer corrugated board.

In most cases, damage is caused by the shipping company. You can leave the claim process with the carrier to us; we will handle everything on our behalf. To initiate the claim process with the carrier, we will need you to send photo documentation of the package to the email dublez@dublez.com, including:

  1. Detail of the damage/damages.
  2. Photograph of the entire product (if possible, including the template and it can also show bubble wrap in the background to make it clear to the carrier that the product was safely packaged).
  3. Photograph of the cardboard box from both sides. If the product arrived damaged, the damage is usually visible on the box as well.

It is possible that most of our products are received in a protective wooden template made of the same material as the product. This template is attached to the product with paper adhesive tape on the back. After peeling off the paper tape, you can easily remove the product from the template. The template serves to safely transport the goods to you, to prevent damage to the product. The template is packaging material and is not part of the product itself. Damage to the template cannot be considered as a claim against the goods, as it is packaging material and serves only for the safe delivery of the goods.

Since the products are made to order, once the order is placed, they are scheduled for production. The speed of scheduling depends on the selected shipping method. The delivery time is approximate and may be shorter or longer. In case of an extended order processing time, we will promptly inform the customer.

On the product page, you can see the nearest delivery date. This date is valid if the "Express Delivery" option is chosen.

All types of shipping along with their delivery times can be found HERE.

All products are placed in the production queue the moment the order is sent. The material required for production is always in stock. On the product page, you can see the nearest delivery date. This date is valid if the "Express Delivery" option is chosen.

All types of shipping along with their delivery times can be found HERE.

After selecting the decor and size, you need to Add the product to the cart. The shopping cart is located on the page at the top right. You then need to fill in: email address, billing and shipping details, choose a shipping method and payment method. Finally, just send the order.

If you still have trouble ordering, it is possible that you made a mistake in one of the steps of the shopping process. In this case, we recommend reading the guide on how to order. The guide advises the customer "step by step". If you still have issues with purchasing, please contact our customer support.

If you did not receive a confirmation email when sending the order or if you are not receiving emails related to order changes, one of the following scenarios may have occurred:

  1. Your email was sent to spam - In this case, it is necessary to check the "spam" or "junk mail" folder. With G-mail and other email providers, it can happen that the provider marks the email as spam.
  2. The email address entered in the order is incorrectly written - When sending an order, it is important that the email address filled out is valid. In this case, we recommend contacting our customer support, where we can change the email to the correct one and you will also receive an email with the order.
  3. Your email inbox is full - If your email inbox is full, it is not possible to receive new emails, including emails from us. To be able to receive emails, it is necessary to free up space in the email inbox, e.g., by deleting older emails.
  4. You did not send the order - If the order was not sent at checkout with the button used to send the order and you were not redirected to a thank you screen, it is likely that the order was not sent. In this case, we also recommend contacting customer support.