Shipping & Payment

All necessary information about payment methods, shipping, and delivery times in one place.


  1. Payment for Goods
  2. Delivery Options

    1. Courier
    2. Free Shipping Over 99 €
  3. Delivery Time
  4. Additional Information on Shipping and Payment

1. Payment for Goods

Payment for goods can be made in the following ways:

  • Cash on delivery to the courier - If this payment method is chosen, we charge a handling fee of 1.2 € including VAT. It is possible to pay the courier in cash or by card. This method of payment can only be used if the order value including shipping exceeds 6 € including VAT. For orders where the value of the goods exceeds 300 €, cash on delivery is not an available payment option. This method of payment is not available for all countries.
  • Bank transfer - When choosing payment by bank transfer, we do not charge any additional fees. The order is put into production only after the payment has been received. Then, according to the position in the production queue, it will be processed. Available only to member countries of the European Union.
  • Gopay payment gateway - Secure shopping through the Gopay payment gateway. The payment gateway supports the following cards: Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Mastercard Electronic, Maestro.
  • Google Pay - Simple and secure payment using a card stored on your Google account.
  • Apple Pay - Simple and secure payment using a card on Apple devices.
  • PayPal - Simple and secure payment via the PayPal payment system.

2. Delivery Methods and Shipping Costs

In the checkout of our online store, we offer several shipping methods. Each method varies in delivery time and cost. All available shipping methods are described below. Current shipping prices are displayed at checkout.

2.1 DPD Courier (European Union)

The most advantageous delivery by courier company. For larger orders, your order may be split into several separate packages. In the case of multiple packages per order, the client still pays the basic postal rate. The postage cost is for the entire order, not per package. Packaging is included in the shipping cost.

Customers are informed by SMS and email about the delivery of the shipment.

2.2 Free Shipping Over 110 €

When choosing "Free Shipping," we deliver the order to your address via a courier company. With free shipping, we reserve the right to choose the carrier of our choice.

Free shipping is a 100% discount on shipping costs. Other fees that may arise during the order process depending on the payment method are not included in the shipping costs.

3. Delivery Time

We deliver to almost every country of European Union. We have all the materials needed for the production of our products in stock. After placing the product into production, it takes approximately 2-3 working days for completion, packaging, and dispatch to you. The time for processing an order into production and delivery depends on the chosen type of shipping at checkout. The estimated delivery date is calculated at checkout, and in 99% of cases, we meet this estimate. During extremely busy seasons such as Christmas, delivery may be delayed by 1-3 working days due to the holiday season.

Deliery time from shippment by countries:

Country Delivery time from shippment
Austria 1-2 working days
Netherlands 2-3 working days
Belgium 3-4 working days
Finland 4-5 working days


4. Additional Shipping Information

The shipping cost is calculated by the e-shop after adding products to the cart. Customers can choose the shipping method before finalizing the order. Customers are informed by email about the shipment dispatch (email notification) and also receive an SMS message. Furthermore, customers will receive another email from the carrier with information about the delivery and an SMS message.

Control Authority:

SOI Inspectorate for Trnava Region, Trhová 2, 917 01 Trnava 1, Slovak Republic, Department of Technical Product Inspection and Consumer Protection.