Business address

Niklová 2190
926 01, Sereď, Slovakia
Address of our company headquarters.
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Billing information

DUBLEZ, s.r.o.
Športová 2772/13,
926 01, Sereď, Slovakia

Business ID: 47132981
Tax ID: 2023807665

IBAN 1: SK41 8330 0000 0023 0263 1042 - Cash on delivery bank account (Fio bank)

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Meaning of the logo

Our story

Behind the DUBLEZ brand stands a young team of people who have loved design and natural materials since 2018. We manufacture wooden home accessories, wedding decorations, cake ornaments, and gift items. We strive to bring beauty, joy, and hidden symbolism with a story into people's homes.

Our company does not just produce soulless products, but products that fill homes with harmony, peace, and love. We create and craft for people, with passion. Each product is designed to bring joy and be a delight for the eye.

We want to connect with enthusiasts like ourselves. DUBLEZ represents an opinion and embodies a lifestyle. We emphasize simplicity, and it is in this simplicity that the uniqueness of the brand truly shines. All products are made with love in Slovakia in the heart of Europe.